Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Improve backup performance of IFS objects (DAOS) on the IBM i with BRMS

One of the disadvantages of DAOS is, that your backup job has to backup many relative small files, which can be a little bit slow on the IBM i. Fortunately IBM has provided some PTF's to improve this situation in the last years.

The biggest improvement can be achieved with the  "ASYNCBRING" parameter on the "SAV" command which gets you up to 60 % faster backups of IFS objects. You can find the PTF's needed for V6R1 and V7R1 in the ASYNCBRING Enablement - IFS SAV Performance at V6R1Mx and V7R1M0 technote. In V7R2 the support is available in the base operating system.

To use the ASYNCBRING Support in BRMS (Backup Recovery and Media Service) you need to follow the steps described in the Overriding the ASYNCBRING parameter on IFS saves to improve performance technote.

Additional Performance improvements on IFS save operation can be achieved with:

  • 7.1
    • MF52772
    • SI45792
  • V6R1M0 OS400 with V6R1M1 SLIC
    • MF52284
    • SI45791
  • V6R1M0 OS400 with V6R1M0 SLIC
    • MF52495
    • SI45791

If you have problems with slow backups try the ASYNCBRING Support and leave a comment how your backup performance has changed.

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