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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Link Collection for IBM i 7.2 and Power 8

There are so many resources about the new release of IBM i. In this blog post i want to build a list with the best links to all information sources regarding V7R2. Please leave a comment if you know links with valuable informations which are missing in my list.

Announcement letter V7R2


IBM Knowledge Center V7R2  
IBM Technology Update Wiki
IBM i 7.2 – The great beyond 
IBM i 7.2 and IBM POWER8
IBM i information overview and what's new

Monday, April 28, 2014

IBM i V7R2 has been announced today.

Today IBM has announced the newest Version V7R2 of the IBM i Operating system. The planned availabilty is May 2, 2014. You can visit my IBM i  7.2 link Collection for further informations

There are many improvements in this release like:
The announcement letter is available here to download, but the links to the knowledge center are still not working. I hope IBM can fix this soon. Update 16:41 Knowledge Center is now working.

First Informations about new features in IBM i V7R2

IBM has updated the Technology Update Wiki with the first informations whats new and enhanced in IBM i V7R2. Some of the links in the wiki are still broken, but i am sure IBM will fix this in the next week.

So check out IBM Technology Wiki V7R2