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Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Redbook IBM i 7.2 Technical Overview with Technology Refresh Updates

The october brings a new redbook "IBM i 7.2 Technical Overview with Technology Refresh Updates" to the IBM redbook site. This new redbook is the ultimate source to find out what new great goodies IBM i 7.2 brings to your mighty POWER System. And best of all this redbook has a fresh new design which is in my opinion a big step forward. Thank you very much IBM for this great ressources and i really hope that we will see more of this amazing redbooks in the future.

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM i 7.2
Chapter 2. Systems management
Chapter 3. Cloud and virtualization
Chapter 4. Security
Chapter 5. Networking
Chapter 6. High availability
Chapter 7. Backup and recovery
Chapter 8. IBM DB2 for i
Chapter 9. Application development
Chapter 10. IBM i server functions

Friday, September 12, 2014

Row and Column Access Control support in DB2 for IBM i

One of the biggest new features in IBM i 7.2 is Row and Column Access Control support in Db2 for IBM i. This feature allows you to control the access to specific rows and columns on user or group level. This is especially important when your users can access your database files with ODBC, JDBC, or File transfer, because with this methods the can bypass security features built into your application To get a smart start on the new possibilities this feature provides watch Mike Cain on youtube and read the new redpaper on redbooks.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

IBM i Application modernization

Today the long awaited redbook for application modernization on the IBM i has been published as a Draft version. Whether you are a old school RPG Developer or you have already started to modernize your applications this is the redbook to get a high level overview what possibilities are available on the IBM i to reach your goal. All topics like new tooling, new languages and new Syntax of existing languages on the IBM i are discussed in this redbook. The redbook gives you only an overview. If you want to go in the depth there are many links in the redbook which will guide you to the details.