Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Document Spy learns two new tricks

Today i have uploaded Version 1.3 of the Document Spy for the IBM Notes client. The new version brings two great new features:

A simple but powerful filter to only show the rows which are useful for your problem. Just type in the filter value in the text box above the item table and the items in the document will be filtered.

With the second feature you can select some rows in the table and then activate a special filter in the context menu of the table to only show the selected rows.

You can even combine the two new features and show only selected Fields in your documents which contains values that match your filter values . The filter stays activated even when you move on to another document. This is very handy when you have to analyze more than one document. But please do not forget to remove the filter when you are finished with your work ;-)

I hope you like the new features as much as i do and download the new 1.3 version as soon as possible. If you have any problems with the new version please leave a comment or send your bug report to


  1. One thing I am missing about Document Spy and that is the option to attach a file to a document ($FILE). That would be a killer feature to upload a file to a choosen document.

  2. Can you give me more details what is the use case for this feature request. Why do you want to add a file to a given document and when there are more then one Richtext field to which richtext field do you want to add the file?

  3. Hi Ralf, I tried to write to you on G+, but, to be honest, I'm not sure does it work :)

    For some time now, I cannot install DocumentSpy 1.3 - URL responds with "403 - Keine Inhalte vorhanden - no content available"

    1. You can not browse the update site. You should go to the install page on my blog and from there drag the document spy link to your My widget sidebar Or you can download the whole updatesite as a zip archive.

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    3. Just got it working on Linux box - Notes 9.0.1 without FPs. On windows box I couldn't make it with drag-and-drop or zip file... It might be some FP6 issue, or I just have to try again tomorrow :) Thanks for reply.

    4. Install was OK on Linux/Notes9.0.1FP6 also...

      Just tried it again on win8.1 (remotely) and got issues, with or without UAC. Main issue is that I never get prompted for install after drag & drop (which is something I managed to bypass with new update site that was "browse-able"). When I try to add zip as source, I get info that zip does'n contain UpdateSite. When I extract ZIP and point to folder, I get "No acceptable features found" error...

    5. I am sorry, that it is still not working. Can you post the support trace from the notes client after the install has failed. You find the support trace in Help->Support->Show trace. If you do not want to post it here you can send it to