Friday, July 24, 2015

Downloads of my free Notes/Domino tools moved to a new hoster

Some users of my free Notes/Domino tools have reported that they have problems to download the widgets from my Google Drive where i hosted them in the past. So i have migrated all my downloadable content from Google Drive to a payed web space from United Domains. I really hope that with this new web space problems with the download will be a thing of the past. If you have still problems please leave a comment what you have tried to download and which problem occurs so that i can solve your problem.

As already said this new web space costs me a monthly fee, so if you are a happy user of one of my tools maybe you can donate some money via paypal so that this service stay free for the future. Thanks in advance for your help.

The following tools are available in the moment:

Document Spy

The document spy which shows you all items of the selected document in the sidebar in a clear table. You can even change items with a simple double click on the item, which save you a big amount of your time because you do not need to write agents to do simple changes on documents. As a bonus feature the Document spy let you view and edit profile documents in databases. Very handy if you have a defect in the profile of your mail database.

ToDo Activator

Activates the otherwise hidden ToDo Sidebar view. The ToDo Sidebarview is similar to the day at a glance view only for Todos.

Extension Spy

The extension spy gives you a deep look under the hood of the eclipse extension mechanism in Notes. It shows you which plugins extend which extension points. Often you get can get good ideas for own extensions when you have a look how IBM plugins extend the Notes client.

ShortCutButtonBar Enabler

The ShortCutButtonBar Enabler allows you to add your custom databases to the new Notes 9.x Shortcutbar without java development skills. You can add new icons with simple notes.ini entries.

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  1. I am really sorry, but there was a problem with the case in the path name of the updatesite. I have fixed this today after a Developer from Austria sent me the bug report. So if you had problems to download my tools please try again and please report errors if you find one. Thanks in advance