Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Whitepaper: DDS and SQL - The Winning Combination for DB2 for i

If you are still using DDS and record level access in your "IBM i" applications you are missing most of the enhancements IBM has provided for "IBM i" since V5R1. While DDS and record level access are still supported and there are statements of directions that they will be supported in the future every "IBM i" Developer should really plan to migrate their applications from DDS to SQL.

This migration is really very easy to do because it is more an evolution than a revolution. You can access DDS DB2 tables with SQL and you can access SQL DB2 tables with record level access. So you can write new programs with SQL while older programs are still using record level access. You can even mix SQL and record level access in one program without problems.

There are Wizards in IBM i Navigator to retrieve SQL DDL (Data Definition Language) sources from your DDS tables. When you convert tables and indexes from DDS to SQL you will get improved performance, because the SQL tables and indexes have an optimized page size.

Kent Milligan and Dave Hendrickson have provided a white paper which shows the advantages of SQL over DDS in detail. I really recommend this white paper to every "IBM i" application developer.

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