Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The latest JDK update includes Java Mission Control as a great new feature

Today Oracle has posted update 40 for Java 1.7 on their Java Downloads site. This update does not only bring bug fixes and security updates, but it brings also a great new feature to analyze performance problems in your java programs called "Oracle Java Mission Control" . This powerful tool was ported from the JRockit to the Hotspot JVM.

I have run some short tests with "Mission Control" and it looks really very interesting. You will get a deep understanding what is going on in the JVM which runs your code. You will see how long your program execution is stopped by garbage collection or what overhead the compilation of hotspots in your code will add to the execution of your program.

Unfortunately "Java Mission Control" can only connect to Oracles JVM and not to other JVM's like the one from IBM. So if you want to analyze plugins running in Notes you still have to use the "IBM Support Assistance Workbench" which looks a little bit old compared to the new "Oracle Java Mission Control".

A strange thing is, that "Java Mission Control" is based on Eclipse RCP and SWT and not Netbeans RCP and Java FX.

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